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ABOUT THE SHOW: Dragon King Dark deals with science, paranormal, ancient history, ghosts, UFOs, demons, space, and more.

Dragon King Dark – The Outer Limits – 212 

On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern journeys back in time to 1964 for an episode of the sci-fi fueled TV show the Outer Limits and an episode titled The Solider which may have influenced The Terminator series of movies. A solider from the future is accidentally beamed back in time and tries to mesh with the world of 1964 and the results are less than successful.

Dragon King Dark – Secrets Of The Sphinx – 211

This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at a 2013 documentary from the Smithsonian Channel called Secrets of the Sphinx. Of all the ancient monuments in Giza complex in Egypt, one stands out as different from the others. The great Sphinx seems out of place, out of scale, and older than the rest. The official archaeological story says different but one can see with their own eyes that the head is out of scale to the body and there are clear signs of water erosion. What’s up with that? We discuss the age and theories of The Sphinx.

Dragon King Dark – Bionic Man Vs. Venus Death Probe – 210

This week on DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern looks back at a series of popular Six Million Dollar Man TV episodes featuring a Soviet Venus probe that malfunctioned and landed in the United States and went on a terror spree. The Venus death probe was indestructible, built to withstand the harsh conditions of the planet Venus. Then we will look at the reality behind the Venus probe including Russia’s actual successful landing of a probe on Venus, the only pictures from it’s nightmarish surface, and some really cool information about the hell world that is Venus.

Dragon King Dark – Paranormal Survivor – 209 

On this weeks DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern takes a look at an episode of the television docu-series Paranormal Survivor. This episode takes a look at a haunted house (one of my favorite topics), a haunted car and other haunted objects, and much more. We venture into the realm of ghosts and demonic activity.

Dragon King Dark – Best Hidden Monsters: Loch Ness – 208 

One of the most popular pop culture monsters of the 1970s was the Loch Ness monster, a supposed displaced dinosaur or sea creature in a deep Scottish lake. Nessy even made it into a song by The Police and Napoleon Dynamite. While the Loch Ness monster also seems like a plausible real thing that could exist, it turns out, it’s the most likely of the famous 1970s monsters not to be real. This documentary from 2012 takes a look at how the Loch Ness monster turned out to be nothing more than a plot to get revenge on a newspaper.

Dragon King Dark – Bionic bigfoot – 207

1970s popular television series the Six Million Dollar Man and reviews the episodes where Bigfoot shows up! Not only does Bigfoot arrive but he’s has bionic enhancements as well. Bigfoot is played by both pro wrestler Andre the Giant and Ted Cassidy. We talk about Bigfoot hysteria in the 1970s and how pop culture treated Bigfoot.

Dragon King Dark – In Search of History ….Dracula – 206 

1996 documentary from In Search of History on the origins of Dracula. We will look back at the facts and fiction of tying the real-life Vlad Tepes to the fictional vampire lord Dracula. While Bram Stoker’s Dracula gets his name and much of his home setting from Vlad the Impaler, there is some question of how much the two Dracula’s have in common.

Dragon King Dark – Master Of Dark Shadows – 205 


the cult 1960s supernatural-themed soap opera Dark Shadows. We have talked about Dark Shadows before at When It Was Cool and this documentary promised a look behind the scenes and at the creator of the series- Dan Curtis. While it fell short in that area, it excelled in taking a look at the most interesting character from the show- Barnabas Collins.

Dragon King Dark – Abomidable Snowman Yeti – 204 


The Abominable Snowman”. The Yeti is a creature similar to Bigfoot in many respects, only in colder climates. But what evidence of the Yeti do we actually have? Do we have more or less than Bigfoot? There is even some claimed evidence of the existence of the Abominable Snowman in the form of a mummified hand and scalp.  How well do these hold up to examination?

Dragon King Dark – In Search Of……Bigfoot 1977 – 203 


Our retro TV review this week goes back into the In Search of… collection and tackles an icon of the 1970s- Bigfoot! In this episode, Leonard Nimoy navigates us through the usual Bigfoot stories- men trapped in a cabin under siege from a group of creatures, obviously the Patterson film story, and many other close encounters with a giant ape-man in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re a Bigfoot enthusiast then this show was produced during the height of the 1970s Bigfoot-mania.

Dragon King Dark – Future Shock 1972 – 202


Orson Wells. We all know the name as one of the greatest directors and minds of the last 100 years.  Orson Wells narrates this amazing 1972 documentary Future Shock based on a book by the same name.  Unlike so many other futurism documentaries and books, this one gets it right. In fact, frighteningly so.  No flying cars or homes of the future here.  Instead, it seems a society shocked into depression over the rapid advancement in technology. With 50 years of perspective since Future Shock aired, it actually seems more relevant than ever.

Dragon King Dark – Unacknowledged – 201 

we review a documentary currently on Netflix – Unacknowledged. This is a 2017 documentary that is an explosive expose on UFOs and what the government, not just in the United States but the UK as well, know. Interviews with very credible insiders leave little doubt that UFOs have been here, are currently here, and it is known inside the halls of power. An excellent documentary on UFOs.

Dragon King dark – In Search of …. And the Pyramid Code – 200


we begin reviewing retro documentaries on the paranormal, strange, odd, science, cryptozoology, and more. This week, host Karl Stern takes a look at two shows. First, from the old series In Search Of… starring Leonard Nimoy season 1 episode 1 which asks “What if plants can communicate with us?”. Then the second half of the show looks at episode 1 of the Pyramid Code which dives into the mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids!

Dragon king Dark – Oddities of Michigan – 199


This is our last road trip episode for a few week as we transition to our new format beginning next week with episode 200. This week we travel to the Great Lake state of Michigan to find dinosaurs, museums, and a few oversized objects of interest. Spread the word about DragonKing Dark and let’s have a few giant sized weeks of our own!

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Massachusetts – 198  


We take a look at one of the oldest states in the Union and try to find the strangest, most odd, and unusual places. Massachusetts has the usual stuff like oddity museums, and largest something-or-other but they also have a history of witch hunts and a township that is probably the most associated with witchcraft on Earth. Join host Karl Stern as he explores the oddities of Massachusetts.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Maine – 197


We continue our march toward episode 200 and today Karl and DragonKing Dark stop in Maryland to check out the strange, weird, odd, and unusual. I had the privilege of going to Maryland a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. In this episode we take a look at odd graves, strange museums, and macabre stories. Come join us with a look at the strangle places in Maryland.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Maine – 196 


We continue our countdown to episode 200 and this week we are stopping in the home state of Stephen King so we should find some bizarre and strange stops along the way. Obviously, the home of Stephen King is one of them but Maine is old state and, along the way, has amassed a collection of ghosts, witches, and strangeness all it’s own. Let’s head northeast and see what oddities Maine has to offer.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Louisiana – 195


This show went off the rails, I can not lie. When you think of strange, odd, and weird places, Louisiana probably comes to mind because of New Orleans and it’s association with Voodoo and Vampires. Well… most of your travel destination websites seem to grasp that and little else. They also apparently believe that Louisiana is made up entirely of New Orleans and this drives host Karl Stern crazy.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Kansas – 193 


Welcome to the middle of America- Kansas. Home to Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. What oddities can we find here? As it turns out, quite a few. Kansas likes it’s stuff big as there are a lot of the largest things in the world on display throughout the state. There is also even a museum of the smallest version of the largest things! Kansas has a lot of interesting oddities and DragonKing Dark Podcast with Karl Stern is here to tell you about them.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Iowa – 192 


The latest edition of DragonKing Dark with Karl Stern continues our tour across the U.S. looking at strange, weird, and odd places. This episode we make a stop in Iowa and what could Iowa possibly have to offer? You’ll be surprised! Iowa, as it turns out, is packed with lots oddities including the fictional birthplace in the future of Captain Kirk and is home to several of the largest objects in the world! Come join us for a trip into the unusual that Iowa has to offer.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Indiana – 191 


This week Karl Stern and DragonKing Dark continue our series on weird, odd, and strange places in each state with a stop in Indiana. What bizarre stops and attractions would Indiana possibly have to offer? Come with us as we check out ruins, lot’s of giant stuff, murders, and mysteries with oddities of Indiana!

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Illinois – 190 


I never thought much about oddities in Illinois until doing this series. Then, as we will all discover, Illinois actually prides itself on the strange and unusual! From giant rocketmen to giant rockmen and all sorts of weird stuff in between, join DragonKingKarl as he explores the land of Lincoln to find the strangest stuff there!

Dragon King Dark – The More That Things Change – 189 


Recently we’ve been digging through Newspapers.com doing some history research. Searching for old family members, the history of our town, and more. Reading newspapers from the 1800s through the 1940s over and over again makes you realize that we aren’t so special here in 2019. In fact, the more that things change, the more they stay the same. You can add radio, television, go to the moon, have multiple wars, the internet, and every political argument you can think of but in the end human nature seems consistent.

 Dragon King Dark – Newspaper Archives Halloween Murder – 188


his week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern goes to Newspapers.com to search for murders that happened on Halloween! It’s true crime meets Halloween with stories from the early 1900s when, apparently, Halloween could get pretty rough. From the streets of Chicago to rural America, Halloween has seen it’s share of killings.

Dragon King Dark – UFOs and Aliens In The News – 187


Have you caught the news lately? You know I advise against it but in this instance there has been a lot of talk about UFOs and aliens recently. Snake like UFOs, hints by NASA that something is up, and more.  Are we being prepped for an announcement of alien life in the near future?

Dragon king Dark – Halloween Horror Playlist – 186


Karl Stern helps get you prepared for Halloween season with a dark music playlist. These songs are especially chosen for those fans of paranormal and horror type shows and includes music recommendations by people like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, and more! It’s music to make give you chills.

Dragon King Dark – Old timey Obituaries Redux – 185 


A return to an early classic DragonKing Dark podcast never before available for free – Old Timey Obituaries! This show was so popular that it spawned multiple follow-ups. Host Karl Stern takes a look at some colorful and bizarre obituaries from the Victorian age of newspapers into the early 1900s. Back then, newspapers didn’t mind at all giving you all the gory details about the Angel of Death visiting the neighbor down the street.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Idaho – 184


Idaho is more than just potatoes! Yes, they even tout their famous potatoes on their car tags but I was pleasantly surprised they have quite a few interesting oddities, roadside attractions, and weird places too. Come on a road trip with Karl Stern to visit Idaho and the strange stops in this rural state!

Dragon King Dark – we Are At War – 183 


This week’s episode of DragonKing Dark Podcast is another in our look at society and fear and might be our most frightening one yet. We are at war. You might not think so but we are. American society is being manipulate and shots both literal and figurative have already been fired. Don’t be duped into believing what you see on the news is something it’s not. We often talk about unfounded fears but the fears this time may be well founded. This week we talk about monsters but not the kind you might be expecting.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Hawaii – 182 


On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at one of the favorite vacation destinations in the world – Hawaii! He looks at some of the more strange, odd, and weird places in this tropical paradise which is rich with history and the ancient wisdom and traditions of the people who live there.

Dragon King Dark – Scariest Books Ever Written – 181 


On this edition of the Those Who Wander Podcast, Karl and Tonya discuss near death experiences and what may, or may not, happen to our consciousness following death. We discuss various stories about people who have claimed to have had similar experiences as their bodies approached clinical death. What happens to the soul once we die? Is there even a soul? Plus, included at the end of the show is an ad free version of DragonKing Dark Podcast – The Scariest Books Ever Written.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Georgia – 180


This week host Karl Stern visits the neighboring state of Georgia to seek out it’s oddities and bizarre places including another doll trail near Atlanta. He then tells the story of his visit to the Georgia Guidestones with author, wrestler, and podcaster Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline and explains the guidestones in detail.

Dragon King Dark – Here Is Your Super Power – 179 


On this week’s show host Karl Stern plays a fun and interesting game combining fantasy and ethics. Here is Your Super Power asks the question, if you were given a comic book super power what would you actually do with it? We examine several comic book characters who either use their powers for good or evil and ask ourselves what would really happen in a real world setting?

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Florida – 178


You’ve seen the #FloridaMan meme and maybe even traveled to the Sunshine state yourself. You probably know that Florida has a reputation for being a bit strange. Well… Florida is a neighboring state to me and my wife if from there so we have a lot of Florida experience.

Dragon King Dark – Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery – 177


This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl from WhenItWasCool.com takes a look at news of the strange, bizarre, and unusual in the news including a Bigfoot story with the amazing title – the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery. Plus, your usual assortment of UFOs and other beyond the norm stories. It’s an IN THE NEWS edition.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Delaware – 176


This week DragonKing Dark travels to one of the smaller states. A state that host Karl Stern has only been to once – Delaware! This small state is nestled with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Washington DC on the other so there must be some weird stuff there right? Well… let’s visit there and see! Our Patreons get an ad free version with bonus content.

Dragon King Dark – 10 Curses 175


Host Karl Stern is back with a fresh show taking a look at 10 interesting curses in both history and popular culture. Are there any that actually pass the slightest bit of inspection and make you go, “hmmm?” From obviously ones like buried pirate treasure to ones less known, people have long been fascinated by a warning attached to a curse. Will you be brave enough to break the seal on this episode? Patreons get an ad free version of the show with bonus content. Come join us!

Dragon King Dark – Witch Hunt and The Weapon 174


On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl digs into the DragonKing Darker archives and deconstructs two Rush songs of interest to fans. First is the atmospheric and dark Witch Hunt which may be one of the most frightening songs ever because we are pretty much living it now. The second is The Weapon which deals with society and religion, again, another timely topic. If you enjoy this free show we hope you will become a Patreon supporter at WhenItWasCool.com

Dragon King Dark – Revenge of the Son of the Bullshido –  173


It’s been a while since we talked about the wacky woo-woo world of esoteric (and fake) martial arts, known in pop culture as Bullshido. This week I give you an episode of our Patreon exclusive series DragonKing Darker where I visited more crazy bullshido stories with tales of the Din Mak death touch, pressure points, and more! Grab your Nunchucks and let’s get kicking!

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Connecticut – 172


DragonKing Dark Podcast continues it’s journey across America exploring strange, odd, and out of the way places stopping this week in Connecticut which harbors a fairly high number of bizarre places. It is a hotbed of paranormal spots due, in part, to the Warren family of The Conjuring fame. Join host Karl Stern of WhenItWasCool.comas he takes a look at some weird places to visit in Connecticut! Patreons get an ad free version of the show with bonus content.

Dragon King Dark – Dark Superhero Movies – 171


Recently at WhenItWasCool.com we took a look at the 100 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time. This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a deeper dive into the list to pick out the movies which have more of a horror or occult theme to them. Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Dark Man, Blade, and more. DragonKing Dark is your weekly dose of the strange, bizarre, odd, and unusual. Patreons get an ad free extended version of the show and this week we take a look at recent comments and questions from our Patreons.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Colorado – 170


On this weeks DragonKing Dark Podcast host Karl from WhenItWasCool.com takes a look at the weird places, odd stops, and strange attractions in the state of Colorado. We love Colorado and have been there a few times and have even seen a few of these ourselves. This episode even solves the mystery of a road sign we’ve wondered about since the first time we saw it.  Visit the more unusual places in Colorado with this edition of DragonKing Dark.

Dragon King Dark – Curse of the Poltergeist – 169


Host Karl Stern continues his look at various curses in pop culture and today he looks at all the strange and tragic events surrounding the Poltergeist series of movies.  A young star dies of an unexpected health emergency, another is murdered, and others still befall a series of bizarre calamities. DragonKing Dark Podcast is your weekly look into the odd, strange, and weird and is part of the WhenItWasCool.com podcast family.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Arkansas – 168


Sitting in Mid-America is a land locked state with no big cities nestled between the Mississippi river and the plains of Texas and Oklahoma.  Arkansas is a beautiful state filled with flat farmland, plentiful forests, and the scenic Ozark mountains.  It is also oddly home to a lot of weird stuff.  On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern from WhenItWasCool.com tells you of mysterious unexplained lights, a possible Bigfoot, and much more!

Dragon King Dark – Curse of Superman – 167


This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look back at the supposed curse of Superman.  Tragedy and misfortune has been linked to appearing as the iconic DC Comics character.  From the strange and controversial death of George Reeves to the tragic injury and ultimate death of Christopher Reeve many associated with the role of Superman have met with trouble. Is Superman a career killer for an actor? How many others have met with tragedy while associated with Superman? Karl from WhenItWasCool.com takes a look at this on DragonKing Dark.

Dragon King Dark – Consider the Speckled Sea Louse – 166


It’s DragonKing Dark Podcast, hosted by Karl Stern of When It Was Cool and F4WOnline.com and on this episode we dive back into topics in the news.  A variety of dark themed topics pepper the news over the last few weeks mostly dealing with strange and amazing aspects of science.  On this episode we journey from the depths of the sea to the outer reaches of space to find out that reality is sometimes stranger than fantasy.  It’s your weekly dose of the odd, strange, and unusual brought to you by WhenItWasCool.com and Karl Stern. Patreons get an ad free extended version of the show.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of California – 165 


On this episode of DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern continues his state oddities series by taking a look at California! California has it all when it comes to landscapes.  Deserts, mountains, oceans, forests, California has all the bases covered.  So, you know a state as famously free thinking as California is going to have a few weird stops along the way.  From an articulated giant Paul Bunyan with his Ox side kick to an invisible column of free speech, they say that California is the place you ought to be!  Patreons get an ad free edition of the show with bonus content.

Dragon King Dark – Odd Coincidences – 164


On this weeks DragonKing Dark Podcast host Karl Stern takes a look at a couple of Presidential coincidences and tries to determine if these are fact, fiction, or just fun? We take a look at the supposed connections between Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln which is one of the most popular stories and then we look at the lesser known but still strange story of the Baron Trump books from the 1800s which supposedly have time travel and synchronistic elements dealing with the current President.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities of Arizona – 163


On this episode of DragonKing Dark we take a look at one of my favorite states – Arizona. Arizona has many well known tourist attractions that are well worth visiting but this episode we are going off the beaten path to hunt for oddities. From dinosaurs to quirky stops along the old Route 66 on this edition of DragonKing Dark join host Karl from When It Was Cool in the land of the Desert Rat and fun in the old west!

Dragon King Dark – When Idols Fall – 162


When Idols Fall.  We have seen much of this lately. Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, politicians, church leaders, and other entertainers are frequently in the news as their past sins and crimes have come to light. Then out come the torches of the media both mainstream and social and their works are art are pulled from the air, dismissed, and forgotten. But should it? Can we separate the artist from the art? Should we?

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Alaska – 161


This week on DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes us to Alaska to take a look at the weird, odd, and unusual stops in the northern most of the United States. From Santa Claus literally home to the Wizard Oz, Alaska has some odd and unusual places you might not think to visit nestled among the incredible natural scenery the state is so famous for. So next time you’re whale or iceberg watching in the great white north don’t forget about Earthquake park too.

Dragon King Dark – Oddities Of Alabama – 160

Host Karl Stern is back this week with a new DragonKing Dark Podcast beginning a new occasional series looking at odd, weird, and interesting places across the world. We begin in his home state of Alabama with such curiosities as the original Mardi Gras (it wasn’t in New Orleans), plus the ghostly face in the court house window (which you can still see), and many more. It’s a statewide tour of strange facts and places

Dragon King Dark – The Bees Are Dying –  159

There is a major crisis happening all around us and most people are completely oblivious to it.  Should this crisis come to fruition the food chain will collapse. Over half of the foods stocked in your local grocery store will disappear. Your fruits will be gone. Your vegetables will be gone. Cattle will die so your beef will be gone.  And it’s happening right now. It’s observable, testable, and provable.  The bees are dying and they are a hugely important step in the food chain. On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl shows you some peer reviewed research to illustrate the situation and in the second half of the show is joined by Tonya from WhenItWasCool.com to discuss what you can do to save the bees.

Dragon King Dark – Lying Stones and Cern – 158 

On this edition of DragonKing Dark Podcast we are taking a look at two famous hoaxes of science. First we journey back to the 1700s were a respected professor is convinced that he had found fossils made by the hand of God himself only to find out that the joke was on him. Then we discuss a modern day conspiracy tale involving the CERN particle collider. It’s another science packed episode of DragonKing Dark.

Dragon King Dark – CRISPR And Gene Editing – 157

Genetic editing is all over the news lately and many laymen are wondering what exactly is CRISPR? Is it some biblical monstrosity where man is now playing God? Is it a way to create supermen and women? Or is it the answer to all genetic problems and the future to the health and well being of mankind? On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern digs into some research about what exactly is gene editing and CRISPR and is it a tool to be feared or one of the greatest advancements in science of the modern era?

Dragon King dark – The Reality of Alien Life – 156

On this weeks edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern discusses the reality of alien life. Not science fiction, not speculation, but the solid facts about what we have and have not discovered so far in our search for extraterrestrial life. Like seeking clues to a mystery, we might not have solved the crime but we have found some footprints. We have identified some possible crime scenes. We have eliminated suspects. This week let’s look at what we really know about life beyond Earth.

Dragon King Dark – Time And Time Again – 155


On this week’s edition of DragonKing Dark Podcast we take on one of host Karl Stern’s favorite topics- time! Specifically on this episode we discuss whether time travel is scientifically possible and look at several papers on the subject that come to varying conclusions. The possibilities are interesting and some theories are not necessarily what you might think. Let’s aim for the nearest singularity this week and see what happens on the DragonKing Dark Podcast!

Dragon King Dark – Most dangerous Episode ever – 154 


On this special edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern tells some truths which must be told. At long last, the most dangerous weapon is exposed. If you have ever wondered why things are the way they are. If you have ever wondered how people are being manipulated to believe and passionately defend the most outlandish of ideas. If you have ever wondered what’s causing all this – then you must listen to this very special edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast – The Most Dangerous Episode Ever. You have been warned. Knowledge is power.

Dragon King Dark – Flat Earth, Antivax, conspiracy – 153 


On this edition of DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern discusses beliefs that are against the mainstream and discusses what the logical approach to them is, why they exist to begin with, and searches for the truth behind what is seemingly anti-logical beliefs such as the Earth is flat, anti-vaccinators, and other extreme conspiracy beliefs.

Dragon King Dark – Thea Or How The Moon Was Born -152


On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at one of the leading hypothesis about how Earth’s larger than average moon was formed. Does the formation of Earth’s moon also offer an explanation of how all the essential ingredients for life arrived here when the rest of our solar system appears barren? Or is the first origins of life still a mystery? World’s will literally collide on this episode of DragonKing Dark Podcast.

Dragon King Dark – Oumuamua Alien Probe – 151


It came from outer space. Like literally, outer outer space. Oumuamua made the news last year as the first observed body from interstellar space which had been seen in our solar system. And then it got weird. It was like nothing we ever saw before. It was neither asteroid nor comet. It also seemed to accelerate as it left our solar system. Now a Harvard Professor, no less, believes it was of artificial origin. In this episode of DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern takes a look at just what was Oumuamua and where did it go? Patreons get an ad free bonus edition of the show

Dragon King Dark – The Curse of King Tuts Tomb – 150


On this milestone edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern concludes his “curses” series with a look at one of the most famous – the curse of King Tut and the Pharaohs curse.  In the early 1900s Egyptian archaeology was in it’s golden era and the unearthing of an intact, treasure filled, tomb of a Pharaoh was the talk of the world. Movies and pop culture media were based on it. The discoverers were superstars, and… most of them may have died shortly thereafter. Or so we were told.

Dragon King Dark – The Hands Resist Him Painting – 149


We continue our series of show looking at various curses and on this episode, host Karl Stern, takes a look at a supposed cursed painting called The Hands Resist Him. Now, mind you, this painting is creepy enough of it’s own accord, but supposedly those who have owned the painting have met with misfortune. The painting is now kept in a museum… but not on display.

Dragon King Dark – Oak Island Money Pit – 148 


On this episode of the DragonKing Dark Podcast we continue our look at various curses and tales of ill fate. This weeks tale is one of the more well known one because it has a television reality show attached to it. The Oak Island Money Pit is located in Canada and for over the last hundred years people have been trying to claim a supposed treasure buried in a booby trapped pit.  This one actually has a little evidence to support it… a little.

Dragon King Dark – James Dean’s Cursed Car – 147


Welcome to 2019 on DragonKing Dark. This year host Karl Stern is going to examine some tall tales, curses, and popular culture you might have heard of but might not believe. Whether true or not, they are interesting. This week, we look at the tale of James Dean’s Cursed Car.  James Dean was an icon of Hollywood who was killed in a car wreck as his fame exploded. But, as the story goes, James Dean was only the first of several to be killed by this car. How could a totaled Porsche Spider kill again and again? Find out on this weeks DragonKing Dark.

Dragon King Dark – Odd News Of 2018 – 146


It’s episode 146 of the dragonking Dark Podcast and this is the last episode of 2018. In this episode, host Karl Stern From When It Was Cool takes a look back at some odd new stories that you might have missed, on a variety of topics including UFOs, true crime and much more.

Dragon King Dark – What Is The Origin Of Christmas – 145


This week around the world, whether secular or religious, many in the world will celebrate Christmas. What are the real origins of Christmas? Is December 25th really Jesus birthday? Is Christmas a re-appropriated pagan holiday? Is it a modern creation? What about Santa Claus? Kris Kringle? St. Nicholas? Why the Christmas tree?  This week on DragonKing Dark we will examine the origins of the Christmas symbols and when, where, and how Christmas became what it is today.

Dragon King Dark – Artificial Intelligence UFOs And Portals – 144


More discussion this week about the hot topic of artificial intelligence and the problems we may, or may not, be facing in the future from machines that can think for themselves. In other recent news we take a look at more recent UFO sightings, and reports that a portal to another dimension opened up in Australia recently. It’s an amazing mix of stories on this weeks DragonKing Dark.

Dragon King Dark – AI Glitches And Alien Rocks – 143

On this edition of the Dragonking Dark Podcast, Karl Stern looks at stories in the news including a story about how young people today are turning off the news in large numbers because they don’t trust it. Plus the Mars Rover has found a shiny rock that has everyone talking, and what happens when artificial intelligence has a hiccup? One article warns of dire consequences.

Dragon King Dark – All In Your Head – 142


Ghosts, the paranormal, UFOs, religious experience- is it all just in our heads? Everything we experience and perceive is literally just our brain’s interpretation of input from our senses. People with certain mental disorders and illnesses like dementia experience real events in their minds that aren’t happening in the real world so is this evidence that supernatural experiences are all just inside our own minds or are our minds amazing receivers to a realm beyond our own?

Dragon King Dark – Is Technology Bad For Us – 141


Is technology bad for us? In so many ways technology has helped mankind and advanced us to live longer and healthier lives. But it has come with a cost. While the tech has opened the world and given us instant access to information, we previously had to search out there are more and more studies that have uncovered the chilling ways it is impacting our lives. Does tech really make our lives easier or has it added complexity and stress and given the worst among us a new tool to exploit, harass, and prey? Join Karl Stern on this episode of DragonKing Dark to discuss.

Dragon King Dark – Are You Being Controlled II – 140


Two weeks ago we had another well received episode of the DragonKing Dark Podcast called Are You Being Controlled. Following the feedback to that episode, I have recorded a part two to the conversation.  No matter what name you give to “them” there  seem to be a powerful elite controlling the course of our lives. Perhaps it’s only politicians and the ultra-rich setting the agenda and influencing mass areas of policy and news but whatever the name, whatever the machination, it seems we are pawns in a larger game.

Dragon King Dark – The Bible And The Paranormal – 139


This week on DragonKing Dark we take another look at what the Bible has to say about the paranormal.  Many of the supernatural elements in paranormal beliefs are not only in the Bible but originate there. Things like angels, demons, and miracles, but the idea of the occult has its origins in the Bible. How about other things like UFO’s, ghosts, and magic? Find out on this edition of DragonKing Dark as we search for these elements in the Bible.

Dragon King Dark – Are You Being Controlled – 138


On this edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern looks at the news, current events, modern politics, and asks the very valid question – Are you being controlled? For hundreds of years there has been the talk of an Illuminati type organization pulling the strings on world events and while that may (or may not) be a work of fiction, they told events in the world are organic have a feel of orchestration.  It’s easy to view current world events and see evidence that society is being manipulated, but by whom or what?

Dragon King Dark – Modern Horror Themes – 137


As Halloween approaches this week, we have spent the month talking about archetype monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein but the monsters of the modern era are even more intense and frightening. Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Pennywise and the other slasher killers play on a newer type of fear. On this edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern discusses the modern horror icons and why we fear them.

Dragon King Dark – Mythos Of The Mummy – 136


On this edition of Dragon King Dark, host Karl Stern examines the lore surrounding Mummies – The specially wrapped and prepared Egyptian dead. Ancient Egypt includes many supernatural and macabre elements, including The Great Collection Of The Gods (an elaborate afterlife ritual) – and magnificent structures. It came with elements picked from pop culture, based on real-life archaeological discoveries of the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Including curses on those who disturbed the dead. This episode we continue our march toward Halloween with a look at the mythos of the Mummy.

Dragon King Podcast – Mythos Of The Werewolf – 135


Host Karl Stern continues our celebration of Halloween month, at When It Was Cool, with a look at another classic monster. This week on Dragon King Dark Karl looks at the Wolf Man and the Werewolf. The belief in werewolves is ancient, but much of the lore and mythos surrounding them comes from the Universal Horror Films. Karl tells you about a case from history where a man tried and convicted of being a werewolf. Also, he studies the 1941 film The Wolf Man, and discussing the  modern Era lore of the werewolves.